We Moved to Costa Rica - My story, My families story and all the things we encountered



6 years ago We moved to Costa RicaAn African American family  in a foreign country trying to learn a new language but a lot of people speak English because they live in a four star resort which is beside a resort town that caters to Americans.  Our family has experienced a series of unexpected unimaginable events which have led them to the life style that they enjoy. We live in a more upscale place than they ever have.  They have a 3100 Sqf Ocean view condo which is valued at 1.5 Million, there is a golf course marina in there resort with all yachts and there is a heliport in walking distance from their door step where helicopters come and go a few times a day. The place is a tropical paradise where golf carts are the primary source of transportation on the resort. We have a house keeper and a Nanny..   Read more to about We moved To costa Rica Family.

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Join us on our road trip from Philadelphia to Costa Rica




Come join us (via LIVE stream) on a road trip from the US to Costa Rica.   Get a firsthand experience of border crossing, the beautiful scenery, majestic mountains, exotic beaches, ancient architecture, wild life and most interesting of all – the people.   We will be stopping and meeting strangers, drinking and dancing with them, (hopefully we won’t get drugged and have our organs sold on the black market) we are not in a rush so we will be learning little bit of culture, maybe some new words, the proper way to roll a cigar or other valuable skills that will make it on my resume. Trust me this is going to be a very interesting trip.

Count down to the drive from Philadelphia to Costa Rica - Lance and one or 2 other people will drive a 2005 X5 BMW from Philadelphia to Costa Rica.   We will be streaming a live feed the entire time.   Highlights will be posted here in addition.

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May people have questions:

Why did we move to Costa Rica

Is it cheaper?

Is it dangerous?

Can you drink the water?

Read the We Moved to Costa Rica stories to find out

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The condo we lived in for 1.5 years in Los Suenos Costa Rica

Reviews - Restaraunt, Hotel and Tours

I love to go to Hotels and I love to eat.  Costa Rica offers may options for both.  Read about the places I have been how I was treated there and  I my opion of the places in general

Here is a short list of my favorit places in Costa Rica.   Click reviews to see a full list of the places I have been.

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